Does a dad have a right to ask this of his daughter?

This may not be the worst thing a dad could ever ask of his daughter, but it’s certainly up there. Extracting a promise from your daughter to be very careful about the relationship choices she makes because she is ‘daddy’s princess’ is manipulative and inappropriate, right? Or are we being too sensitive? has spotted a disturbing story on Pinterest which shows a promise ring given by a father to his daughter. He gave her the ring pictured below to remind her that HE is the most important man in his life so she should be careful who she sleeps with.


The post goes like this. Prepare yourself…

We can't think of anything unhealthier than a young girl forced to promise she'll compare all boys she wants to date to her dad and how he treats her. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Also, talk about pressure. Young people sometimes make bad decisions when it comes to dating and the last thing they should be left feeling is shame and the guilt of breaking a promise to their dad, and Jesus.

Wouldn't it be better to urge his daughter to be careful and that he will love her no matter what?

What do you think?