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Take a long hard look at the worst Christmas presents that have ever been given.

I don’t understand how people can be so bad at gift-giving.

If you know someone well enough to give them a gift, then YOU KNOW THEM WELL ENOUGH TO MAKE IT A GOOD ONE.


Kris Kringle is the exception. It’s historically documented no one has EVER received a decent Kris Kringle gift.

Ever. #muglife.

Listen to Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo discuss passive aggressive Christmas presents on This Glorious Mess. Post continues after audio…

What are you meant to do when someone gives you a gift that couldn’t possibly be less… you.

Is there protocol? Whenever I say “Thank you”, I get stuck in terms of where to go from there. Because I know, from experience, it will sound ingenuine.


There’s something especially passive aggressive about being given a book. Something… controlling. “I loved this book. You honestly MUST read it.”

You loved this book. You did. It’s about 18th Century gardening. Not really my thing.

Christmas is about genuinely thinking of another human being, and what might make THEM happy… sourcing a gift THEY might appreciate.

I hated when Santa gave me books. via Dimension Films.

There's not even an excuse anymore. If you pulled the 'ol "I have no time" line out of your pocket ten years ago, it may have served as a reliable 'get out of jail free'.

But now? Now you can buy a Christmas present from the comfort of your home? Heck, while you're ON THE TOILET. No excuses. None. Nada.

End rant.

P.S. Sorry to anyone planning on giving me a gardening book this year. I'll pretend to love it. Promise.