Welcome to the worst break-up excuses of the year. Love is truly dead.

To be honest, there’s no good way to break-up with somebody, but some methods are worse than others.

“He wore the same aftershave as my granddad.”

And that’s just one terrifying example.


And look, that one is probably fair enough. Not sure if I could handle the mental image of my granddad every time I tried to… well, you know.

The Mamamia office is a safe space. We share experiences. We share hopes. And we share dreams. #safespace.

We also share relationship experiences. And when it comes to relationships? We share our reasons for ending them.

And to be honest it seems that some are more reasonable than others.

Was your break-up more awkward then this Kasey Chambers interview? 

Video by Mamamia

Sometimes, we know the relationship is over. We need an excuse – ANY excuse – to get the hell out of there.

To finalise the paperwork and rid our hands of whatever disaster we got ourselves into this time.

But sometimes it’s deeper than that…

Sometimes it really is unbearable sitting in the front row of the cinema just because that’s where our partner likes to sit. (Seriously that’s not on).

So unbearable, in fact, the relationship has to be terminated. Permanently.


Basically, everyone who works in the Mamamia office is really fussy. Or shallow. Or both. (Probably both). We apologise to the guys and girls who have been on the receiving end of these harsh breakup excuses.

Actually, we don’t really. They’re all completely valid and justified and not at all crazy. None crazy. Zero.

Hearing these? All reasons for breaking up are apparently not equal. Far from it, in fact. These excuses are straight from the bottom of the barrel. The worst of the worst. The créme de la créme, if you will…

We’re sorry, yes. But you know what? At least we were honest.

I think we deserve congratulations.

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