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Women don't hate beautiful women


Of course that British lady, Samantha Brick, who thinks that her “beauty” is the reason women don’t like her is a bit odd (you can read more about her here).  She has problems and I genuinely feel sorry for her.  The publicising of her malfunction is annoying because it perpetuates a myth that I’ve had flung in my face many times by men, which is that woman hate beautiful women.

I have been a woman for almost forty years.  I attended an all girl high school, which was quite a bootcamp for bitchiness believe me!  I’ve worked as a receptionist in brothels, where looks equate to income almost as transparently as they do in the television industry in which I dabble now.  I currently have friends who are among the most celebrated beauties in the country, and I can honestly say that I have never known of a woman being disliked because she is beautiful.  I’ve known a few who were disliked because they’re up themselves, but ugly people are just as good at that.

The prettiest girl in our school was Claire.  She had long, silky blonde hair and a complexion like warm milk.  She was also so very sweet natured, quick with a shoulder to cry on, tight with a secret, and didn’t take herself or her looks too seriously although she was well aware they were there.  “You should enter the Dolly Cover Girl competition,” we used to say her, as we were convinced that no one in the world was as pretty as Claire.  She would blush and wave us away.  She was as smart as she was kind – what I would refer to today as an inspirational woman.

The most beautiful prostitute I ever knew was Tori.  She was an exotic 6ft tall, olive skinned stunner, almost a bit Beyonce in those ads where they make her look thinner and whiter.  She wore boots like Julia Roberts’ in Pretty Woman and she was transsexual which was not a secret from clients, but her greatest selling point.  She was mostly loved by the other girls because she was very sweet, even though she was completely aware that she was by far the most precious gem in our shop.  Those who disliked her did so not because of her beauty, but because of the clients they lost to her, and because she was very lazy about cleaning up after herself and yes, that was as gross as it sounds.   Everyone was very sad for her though, when her excitement at saving enough money for a trip to Bali turned to sadness and humiliation because she was forced to accept a passport that said “M” for “male”.  She dreaded all the times she’d have to show it to people and what their reactions would be.    Even the jealous old shaggers took pity on Tori that day despite the fact that she was beautiful, she was going to Bali and she’d left a pile of terrifying towels in the hallway the night before.


Beautiful women in Australian television are completely commonplace of course.  Spend enough time around a TV network and you’ll stop marvelling at their teeny tiny designer dresses, voluminous manes of hair and symmetrical, angular faces.  You’ll find women like Kerri Ann Kennerly who’s beauty is undeniable but who has appealed to generations of Australian women because of her warmth and wit.   Lisa Wilkinson, who’s charm and generosity endear her to millions of strangers.  Carrie Bickmore, who’s angelic looks belie an emotional stamina that seems to know no bounds.

Women do not hate beauty in other women.  We actually like to gaze upon it as much as men do, otherwise there would be no magazine/fashion/beauty industries.  I don’t think anyone is keen on delusions of grandeur though which could be the real reason behind Ms Brick’s lack of dinner party invitations.

Some of the most beautiful women show their true beauty from inside and out. With no delusions of grandeur

Meshel Laurie is a comedian and broadcaster. You can catch up with her on Nova’s Drive Show with Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold 4-6pm on weekdays. You can also follow Meshel on Twitter here.