Is this the key to getting online dating creeps to leave you alone?

One of Gesler’s drawings.

An awesome woman is winning internet dating right now. Seriously, WINNING IT.

But not by getting dates. She’s winning by calling out perverts who are completely inappropriate with her. And it’s EPICALLY AWESOME.

Online dating sites like Tinder and OKCupid can be pretty gross places for the ladies; one second you’re having a fun flirtation, the next, you have a picture of a dick in your face. Or a guy will tell you he likes your eyes and 30 seconds later says “I wanna cum on your tits.”

Exhausting. Creepy, and exhausting.

And artist Anna Gensler had enough of it. After getting messages like “I wanna tongue punch your fart box” and “I got a horse’s dick for you” and “If I was a watermelon would you spit or swallow my seeds?”, she decided to teach the perverts a lesson.

So, every time a guy sent her a random dick-pic or sexually explicit and inappropriate comment, she would sketch them (based off their profile picture). Except she would sketch them nude and with a tiny penis, accompanied by the gross thing they had said to her. Then she would send it to them in a private message.

She describes it as her way of ‘objectifying men who objectify women’:

Objectifying men who objectify women in 3 easy steps: Man sends crude line via internet. Draw him naked. Send portrait to lucky man, enjoy results.

The results are brilliant. And hopefully enough to make these guys think twice about being total pervs, especially since she WARNS them that she will do this if they send her unwanted sexual messages, and they STILL DO IT. She told Slate: “I made an OkCupid account and I put a warning to guys on there: ‘I’m going to draw you naked if you send me rude messages,’ and linked back to the Instagram.”

There are some NSFW (and tiny) cartoon penises involved:

Some of the men are furious to be called out on their behaviour, like this guy:

All the drawings can be found on Gensler’s Instagram or Tumblr (no names involved, just sketches).

Here’s a gallery of more hilarious pics. (The frank discussions about objectifying women she gets into with some of these guys are particularly hilarious. And depressing.)

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