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VIDEO: Your first morning of 2017, with or without a NYE hangover.

“To drink or not to drink”, Hamlet’s alcoholic cousin once asked. “To awaken with or without a hangover?”

Australians (for the most part) like to drink. All the alcohols.


We also have awful foresight and ‘one more’ turns into twerking on the bar top and waking at 10am in a pool of shame and vomit. It fills us with regret and prompts the thought: ‘What if I stuck to the waters? What if that vodka-coke… was just a coke?’

In the past? We’ve resolved these issues through comparison. Comparing. Side-by-side. Like that time we compared our day with or without heels.

With or without a hangover?

So we've done it again. This is what it's going to look like on January 1, 2017, with or without a hangover.