Brrrr it's cold outside. 15 cute winter coats for frosty mornings.

It’s officially May, which means we’re on the downhill slide to winter. There’s much to like about the colder months: hot soups, rainy days, staying in, log fires, comfort food, but frosty mornings? Notsomuch.

I mean, am I the only one who is incapable of reading the weather forecast and then interpreting it correctly? For example, yesterday I saw that it was going to be 21 degrees in Sydney. I choose this to mean that a long-sleeved tee and culottes (and not particularly long ones, so, just shorts) would be appropriate.

What I failed to spot was that it wasn’t going to reach 21 degrees until midday. Turns out, that a long-sleeved tee and culottes when combined with bare legs and a kimono jacket don’t cut it when it’s a frosty 13 degrees in the morning. Who would have thought…

In case you also happen to be weather-app challenged, here are 15 winter coats for frosty mornings (and nights) with a handy cold weather rating so you’ll never get caught out again. (Well, no promises.)


1. ASOS Trench with Zip Detail, $141.

2. Topshop Kimono jacket, $65 (only small sizes left online).

3. Elliat Daydream Cape, $149. 


4. Target Cocoon Coat, $69.

5. Cloth Trench Coat, $99.

6. ASOS Linen Drape Mac, $112.

7. DeCjuba Ransom Leather Jacket, $329. 


8. Chaser Fleece Coat, $179.

9. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Coat $47.98

10. Cameo Never Never Coat, $239.

11. ASOS Limited Edition Pink Mohair Coat, $135.


12. Seed Quilted Parka, $149.

13. Witchery Coated Anorak, $349.

14. Gorman Metallic Spot raincoat, $99

(Four of the Mamamia Ed team bought the black and white version last winter. And two already have their eyes on this.)

15. Witchery Reversible Cape $199.

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