I clean silver with bicarb


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It’s a funny thing that happens to me in Winter, I forget to shave my legs, my toenails suffer from serious neglect and my body becomes scaly from lack of moisturizer. But my house? It tends to get a little more care.

There is a simple explanation for this maintenance imbalance and it’s this – in Winter I like to be home and when I am at home I notice every little thing about my house, every little piece of grime that has built up in the oven; every piece of silver that now looks black; every smell that emanates from well, everywhere; every curtain hem that needs washing;  every skirting board that needs dusting.

There is a slight disadvantage to all this heightened sensitivity to “imperfection” because as winter takes hold all I want to do is settle on to the couch with a very soft blanket and a cup of tea. Hard to relax when you are aware of all that stuff that needs doing.  But harder for me to just sit there knowing that it needs to be done.

Enter the household trick.  You know those tips and tricks that make your life easier ? Those little shortcuts that allow you to feel proud of your home should someone drop in to share your tea?


These are some of my tricks

  • Blackened silver – pop some water into a container with a piece of foil in the container shiny side up, throw in a teaspoon or two of bicarb of soda, drop in the silver and whooska – watch the silver shine up.
  • Stale or smelly odours, blankets and clothes that have been in storage during the summer that smell a bit musty or any space that needs a shot of freshness and a touch of the outdoorsAir Wick’s Aqua Essence fragrances, just spray into any room or directly onto your fabric.  No propellants – just refreshing fragrance.
  • Hotel quality sheets – very important to have excellent quality linen especially in winter when you may just spend a little more time in bed and now you can have it without actually buying it. When you are cooking rice soak it in water before you cook it (you should do this anyway unless you are cooking with instant rice). Take the rice soaked water and add it to your linen wash.  The starch from the rice will permeate your sheets and make you feel like you are sleeping in a hotel bed.

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What is your household tip? How do you make homekeeping easier(or more luxurious) for yourself?

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