STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING: You could be on a tropical island holiday for just $3.

Fiji is one of the most popular overseas destinations for Australian travellers. In fact, we made more than 344,700 short-term trips there in 2016 alone.

This year, one trip to the tropical island nation is going to cost a fortunate holidaymaker less than the price of a cup of coffee.

For just F$4 – a little under AU$3 – itchy-footed folk can earn themselves the chance to snag a Wavi Island holiday for themselves and a friend that would normally cost 6,666.6666666667 times that.

The island is offering five nights in a luxurious private villa plus two airfares from any major international airport.

They’re also throwing in daily housekeeping and a private dinner service.


If you win, you’ll find yourself wafting around a one-acre patch of cliff-top paradise that overlooks the Koro Sea and boasts a horizon-edge pool and wet-edge spa.

The island itself is linked to Fiji’s second-largest mainland, Venua Levu, via a private bridge.

So, decision time: who will you cross it with?

For more information and your chance to claim this holiday visit the Wavi Island website here.