Phew. Royal supernanny 'will not smack' Prince George.

Everyone can relax. Kate and Will’s supernanny has revealed she won’t be getting physical with George, no matter how naughty he is…

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and Prince William will be happy with today’s news that their baby boy George (who turns eight-months-old today) won’t be receiving any back-handed swipes from his supernanny.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, the Spanish nanny who has recently started caring for the Royal couple’s bub,  will never smack George because her nanny training forbids it.

According to a Royal source, the 43-year-old taekwondo trained, stunt-driving nanny would never hit a bad-behaving child because

Norland nannies

Norland College in Bath deems it a big no-no.

The Childcare training institute, which produces nannies of the highest quality and dishes them out to A-list celebrities and royal families worldwide, teaches students that physical punishment is not the answer to bad behaviour because 'a child is never naughty.'

The teaching standards have been revealed by Louise Heren, a writer who made a documentary about Norland College and told the Daily Express:

‘They will never, ever smack. They will be struck off if they do. A child is never naughty but the behaviour is.’

All nannies at the elitist training school wear the infamous uniform (right) and attend the college for three years at the hefty price of $65,760.

Maria has already been minding George for a couple of weeks and according to Ms Heren: 'If he is crawling she will have worked out what has attracted his attention and move that beaker or toy a couple of yards further away each time.'

Sounds like the taekwondo and stunt-driving won't be necessary for a while yet. Keep an eye on him, Maria.

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