She cut off his penis and flushed it down the toilet. What happened next is even more unusual...

Twice. It happened twice.

Here’s a question for the men out there: Would you go back to live with the woman who cut your penis off and flushed it down the toilet?

That’s exactly what a Chinese guy names Han Mou did and within a few days his wife Zhang drugged him and cut off the rest.

According to, it all started when Han Mou told Zhang that he wanted a divorce (and who can blame him – if this woman was  capable of penis mutilation who knows what other kind of abuse he was putting up with).

Zhang was not crazy about the divorce idea. In fact, she decided that not only was divorce definitely not going to be on the cards, she was officially going to take his penis off the cards as well. She drugged Han Mou so that he would fall asleep, cut off his penis and flushed it.

The story could have ended there, but Han Mou decided to move back in with his wife – who was out on bail – after recovering in hospital. You know – where he was because she brutally mutilated him.

He said he still loved her, but she was just way too jealous and he was still hoping to get a divorce. But, funnily enough, crazy and abusive Zhang still didn’t like that idea, so she drugged him again, cut off whatever was left and flushed that down the toilet too.

Apparently when Han Mou woke up screaming, Zhang called the ambulance for him, before calling the police and turning herself in.