This is why you shouldn't have too many bridesmaids

It was a bright and sunny day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Patricia and Matthew Fearon from Georgia in the US were tying the knot. This madly-in-love couple wanted to be surrounded by family and friends for the blessed event. They ended up with a huge bridal party – what a good idea. The ceremony was perfect. Then it was time to take photos at a beautiful location.

They headed to Lake Lanier. Lovely.

Check out the bridal glow, the big smiles, the innocence…even the bridesmaids dresses didn't suck. Then this happened …

Twenty nine bridesmaids and groomsmen were just too much for this old, rickety dock to handle. While taking photos (and video!) the dock collaped, plunging the entire bridal party including the bride into the water.

One bridesmaid suffered some broken bones, others had minor bruising and the rest were just sopping wet. Several iPhones were damaged too. reports groomsman Frank Fearon as saying, "All of them laughed it off, went and got toweled off and danced the night away."

Check it out. Trust us, watching it once just isn't enough.

Photos and footage courtesy of Remedy Films and YouTube

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Take it away!