Why Rebel Wilson will have you wetting yourself within seconds.


She is Australia’s very own funny girl, who has taken the world by storm with her down to earth attitude and laugh out loud humour.

Rebel. Wilson. Is. Hilarious. And Hollywood loves her.

Rising to fame in Australia through her own comedy show Bogan Pride, Rebel also has a Law/Arts degree to boot.

It’d be easy to ramble on about Rebel for hours (because she is simply AWESOME), we felt it better to give you 10 reasons why this Aussie actress will have you wetting yourself with laughter in no time.

1. After graduating from UNSW, Rebel spent a year in South Africa working as a youth ambassador. Whilst there she contracted Maleria, which resulted in her hallucinating about becoming an award winning actress. Because of this dream she decided to change her career path and become an Actress.

2. She has three sisters called Liberty, Ryot and Annachi. Pretty cool.

3.Rebel now lives with her Bridesmaids costar and Little Britain comedian Matt Lucas. Wilson says “we played roommates so well in Bridesmaids we thought, ‘Yeah, we’ll do it for real.’ Except instead of annoying Kristen Wiig, we’re now annoying all the neighbors nearby.”

4.She hosted the MTV Movie Awards and performed in Bondage gear. Nuff’ said.

5. She has a rap star Alter Ego called Rebelicious, who she says is “attention seeking”. Watch her alter ego’s performance below:

6. Her favourite Reality TV show is Here comes Honey Boo Boo. She even perfected her American accent for the film Bachelorette by watching the show and mimicking Honey Boo Boo’s dulcet tones.

7. Her mum and dad used to show dogs professionally. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Wilson said “My mum breeds beagles, and I was forced to be what’s called a junior handler, which is kind of like Toddlers & Tiaras but with dogs. So you’re dressed in your little outfit and you show the dog. . . I was a champion junior handler. When I told my mum I was going to be a celebrity, she just cried, because she said, ‘Who’s going to take over the legacy of the dog showing?'”

8. Her tweets. Yep, this girl is funny even in 140 characters. Followers can be treated to tweets along the lines of “Hey shower curtain! Stop groping me!” and “I’m not too famous to eat crumbs off my chest.”

9. She has her own fashion line, that is “not for skinny bitches” called Fat Mandi.

10. She is excelling in Hollywood. Between 2011-2012 she starred in nine movies. NINE. You go girl.

For more fun times with Rebel, check out her impromptu dance with Jimmy Kimmel. FUN.NAY.