So, why are you still in love?

It’s been a rough week. One of those weeks where we look at the people around us and hope they know how much they mean to us. Screw the hoping, let’s just tell them.

Today, we’re celebrating love.

I have been married for two-and-a-half years to the man I met two years before that. And while there are fights between the cuddles, I wouldn’t choose to be married to anyone else. Why?

He is the person I want to share any good news with first. Because I know he will be just as excited as me. He is also the person I want to share bad news with first. Because I know he will think of the right thing to say or do to make it just a little bit better. No one hugs like he does. And no one loves me the way he does – even when I am wearing daggy old trackies with dog hair and dog slobber on them with hair that is reaching dreadlock stage from lack of shampoo.

We asked readers, and the iVillage and Mamamia family to share what they love about their partners… and this is what they had to say. And add your messages  below.

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