What's on your fridge?


Black, white or chrome. Rust spotted. Ice-producing. Dodgy handled…

It’s like a giant frame broadcasting what’s important to you.

Before I had kids, my fridge door contained mostly magnetised take away numbers, delivery menus and more pictures of what food was supposed to look like than what was actually ever inside the fridge!

Who’s on the fridge now?

– Photos of my children. That reminds me what is most important in the midst of the morning rush.

– Bear Grylls. That reminds same children that practically anything is edible. So don’t complain about my cooking. Okay.

– Photos of my siblings. That reminds me how many ‘followers’ I have on Twitter is irrelevant.

Carolyn's fridge

– A newspaper cut-out of the current housing loan figures: That reminds me of two things:  1.) How fortunate I am to have a home and 2.) Now that I do, I should be replacing some of the things on my grocery list with a few cheaper generic brands, maybe?

– My kids put their awards from school on the fridge, proudly, for all to see.

– I put any snap shots I actually like of myself on the fridge, proudly, for all to see. (A rare occurrence of roughly once every 2 – 3 years. And they usually stay on there until they curl in on themselves.)

And there is a picture of the dog that keeps mysteriously falling on the floor in the middle of the night. I’m beginning to suspect the cat might have something to do with that!

Carolyn Donovan is a fashion loving, reducing-reusing-upcycling crazy eco warrior… and self-confessed twitter addict. She is also the author of ‘Chooks in Stilettos (An Honest Look at the Glamorous Side of Life)’, Journey of a Princess and the soon to be released Greenies in Stilettos (How to Save the World Without Really Trying). You can read more about Carolyn here or follow her on twitter here.

Who or what is inspiring you on your fridge?