The 10 best dressed women in the world.

We love this time of year. The days start getting longer. The sun comes back out to play. And the glossies start compiling their Best and Worst of the year. Who doesn’t love some fashion porn?

First cab off the ranks is People magazine with their Top 10 Best Dressed of 2012.

The results may surprise you. This year’s winner isn’t a reality star or fashion-icon-but-celebrity-nobody. In fact she’s one of our favourite stars (who is a great actress as well as having fine fashion credentials). In fact she never looks anything short of spectacular.

Click through the gallery to find out who took the number one spot.

The Celebrity Cafe spoke to the winner’s stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman:

“She has an edited wardrobe,” Saltzman said. After she wears her outfits, “It all gets put away and documented — when and where she wore it — and then it’s gone [into storage] for her daughter. She’s not a hog.”

The Tom Ford-designed gown and cape that she wore at the Oscars received plenty of compliments. “It was just, holy moly,” Saltzman noted.

Which celebrity made your best dressed list?