Where to find a healthy cafe breakfast in your city.

Healthy breakfast



It’s 9am on a Sunday, and you’re keen to go out for breakfast. A healthy breakfast.

But your local cafe – just like every other cafe on the block – just has your standard breakfast fare on the menu. Eight different variations of bacon/eggs/sausages/hash browns/baked beans, toast with a variety of jams, a bunch of different pastries. Banana bread. Maybe some muesli.

Certainly no superfoods, no wholegrains and no green smoothies in sight.

It seems really odd to me – especially living in Sydney, which is really the leading Australian capital of Healthy Clean-Eating Stand-Up-Paddleboarding people – that there aren’t more cafes and restaurants getting creative, branching out and offering more healthy options on their menus. Fresh, light fare that is tasty and wholesome and isn’t just a pile of bacon covered in hollandaise sauce.

I always have people asking me where to go for healthy meals because I think I have one of those faces that looks like you should ask me things. (Tourists stop me ALL THE TIME to take their photos and just two weeks ago I had to sing the Australian anthem with a random Danish gentleman as part of some kind of scavenger hunt but let’s not go into it.)

Frankly, I have no answers, because I’m not trendy.

However, I decided to crowd-source some opinions and asked our lovely Mamamia Facebook fans about their favourite places to go for a healthy breakfast in their cities.

Bookmark this for the next time that you need some guidelines about where to eat in your city. And come and leave comments and tips in the comments section below.


Chianti Classico
160 Hutt St, Adelaide

Wild Thyme
101-103 Melbourne St,  North Adelaide



Cafe Auchenflower
97 Haig Road, Auchenflower, Brisbane

Foxy Bean
896 Stanley St,  East Brisbane

Byron Bay

Bayleaf Cafe
2 Marvell St, Byron Bay


The Paleo Cafe
15/62 Grafton St, Cairns


Green Square, Kingston

The Grounds Alexandria


Ducks Nuts
76 Mitchell St, Darwin

Gold Coast

1844 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads


Auction rooms
103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

The Gravy Train Cafe
83 Gamon St, Yarraville

Top Paddock
58 Church St, Richmond


Shop 21/60 Royal St, East Perth


About Life
31-37 Oxford St  Bondi Junction

The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A/2 Huntley St, Alexandria

Shop 28, MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney


Jam Jar
45 Hampden Rd, Battery Point

Fresh on Charles
178 Charles St, Launceston
Where can you get a healthy breakfast in your city? Come and leave a comment and help out your fellow breakfast-seeking comrades.

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