Where did your first kiss take place?

Johnny and Baby in Dirty Dancing …

Behind the rowing sheds at school just after you’d shared a sneaky cigarette when you’d both wagged sport.   In Brooke Henderson’s bathroom following a rather thrilling game of Truth or Dare.  At Expo ’88 when you were just fifteen and  Icehouse were playing Electric Blue on the River Stage.  At your first ever Blue Light Disco.  Over the fence with your to-die-for neighbour. Backstage at the school musical.

First kisses often hold sweeter memories than of the first time you have sex.  It’s the magic of the unexpected lingering kiss from the person you’d least expect. Or have loved from afar.  If it’s any good, a kiss is full of promise. You’re left feel completely bewitched.  Unless of course you’re not because the person you’re snogging has gone to the David Gest School of Face Eating. (Think Liza Minelli’s last husband … And now I apologise for putting that visual back in your heads.)

So, when and where did your first kiss take place? (And more importantly, was it any good?)