When the easy baby becomes the hard one

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My cruisy, cuddly baby boy is growing up. Just a little every day until one day you look at him and you think, you are just not that little baby any more. You remember what the wild child was doing at his age and how much older he seemed then. With the first one, you are desperate for all of those milestones, not for the sense of achievement, but just to know what the next stage will be like. But with the second you try and keep them babies for as long as you can.

At fifteen months my bubba still isn’t walking. His brother was running by this stage. And I think that made him seem older. He could stand up while drinking and eating, he no longer had a bottle at all, he ate what we ate, he had a few more words and he was getting wilder. For the bubba, he is changing. He now chases his brother round in a fury and when he gets him he tackles him. They both squeal in delight at this, until someone gets hurt. He throws his head back hard, whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, he throws bowls of food and he is refusing to go to sleep by himself.

Sure he still loves being held and cuddles into you when he has his blankie. He crawls so fast he doesn’t need to walk yet and you know pretty clearly what he wants with all the noise and the gestures. But now he is the one to watch. He is the one crawling up and down the aisles at a christening, or screaming in the supermarket. He is the one that you have to pin down to get clothes on, or dont bother and just get really good at putting nappies on standing up. He now steals toys, knocks over towers his brother has built and wacks the dog in the head for attention. And he is the one who is obsessed with his Dad.

You forget how they change from gorgeous little chubby babies into toddlers with personalities. It is lovely to watch and wonder which of this behaviour will stay and determine the kind of person he will become. You laugh at his antics, and laugh that he loves an audience. You try and teach him to be gentle or watch him quickly find out what consequences are. You watch him discover and realise and delight. You watch as the rock pools become fascinating, the table become something to climb on, and his brother become a constant source of entertainment. You watch them play and interact and inevitably fight. And you remember all of this change that the first went through.

And then you reconsider what it might be like if there was another trailing along, not too far behind. Maybe my husband is right.

Just dont tell him yet.






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