Fully sick: When parents take revenge...

Anyone who knows a teenager knows that image is everything and social media is life.

So when these parents needed a clever way to punish their teenage daughter, they decided to hit her where it would hurt. They took a modern approach to punishment, if you will. They confiscated her smart phone.


But they didn’t just leave it there. They went one further. While in possession of their daughter’s phone, they took some selfies with the in-built cam. And then they uploaded them to her Facebook page. And selected ‘make this my profile picture.’

Mum. Dad. Smile!

Take a teenage girl’s worst nightmare. Times is by one thousand. And dress it in the reindeer jumper Nana knitted her for Christmas.

THAT embarrassing.

But if there’s a prize for the ultimate parent revenge? This mum and dad are winning. (When her brother was asked why she was being punished he said “she got fresh.”)

Em Rusciano, who is the host of Mamamia Today on Austereo (tune in at 3pm every weekday on the Today Network), is another mother who believes in taking revenge on her kids – where appropriate. This is the story she told on air today:

Em Rusciano doin’ the radio thing.

“I have been known to seek revenge on my children, but it’s to teach them a lesson. My girls never put their dishes away and it drives me bonkers. Every time after dinner I say “girls, put your dishes in the dishwashers and every time they walk away.” Put it in the dishie, help Mumsie out.

So last week I basically set a small table in both of their beds. I put all the plates, the salad bowl…. I even put the saucepan I cooked steak in. I put the tongs, I put the cups, I even put the water jug half full and they I beautifully made their beds. Oh, there were hospital corners, I set up the teddy bears – it was amazing.

They got home and I’m just standing there smiling at them. ANd I had to wait. It was three hours until they went to bed but the screaming! It paid off. Well done, Rusciano.

Mum 1. Kids 0.”

And yes, Em had to wash the sheets afterwards. But she tells us the taste of revenge was worth the washing.

If you haven’t heard Em and Dave on the radio yet, here’s how they sound:

What have you done to get revenge on your kids? Or if you don’t have kids, what have your parents done to you?