Gay people get asked this question all the time. Now we're asking straight people. Tell me, when did you choose to be straight?


The following video flips a commonly asked question on its head. And the result is surprisingly uplifting.

Gay people have often had the question asked of them – whether by family, or friends, or media, or politicians – ‘Why did you choose to be gay?’ Or, ‘When did you choose to be gay?’

The implication of such questions is that their sexual orientation is a ‘choice’, and they should be able to easily change it to fit in with the status quo.

But what if the question was instead, ‘When did you choose to be straight?’

The responses in this video are heartwarming. Even the respondents who have an unclear position on whether or not they think gay people ‘choose’ to be gay, seem to readjust their point of view when the same question is asked of their heterosexuality.

Logic meets empathy. It’s a beautiful thing.

Okay, so. When did you ‘choose’ your sexual orientation?