What were your BEST & WORST bits of the week?

Time for Mamamia’s most popular weekly post where you get to share and vent. Laugh and cry. There’s something quite cathartic and invaluable about reflecting on the highest and lowest points of your week and sharing them anonymously with strangers.

Especially when the strangers become familiar people who cheer and commiserate and follow your progress. That’s how we roll around here, don’t you know it.

If you’re new to Mamamia or this post, remember that your ‘worsts’ don’t have to be tragic or serious. Trivial is totally fine.

Also, for some fluffy light relief, you can check out the Best & Worst Dressed celebrities of the week here. Some dooooozies this week.

OK, my best and worst.

BEST: Family reunion after my husband came home after a long work trip. And the day before, taking the kids to see Mr Shuffles in person. Or in elephant. I was utterly transfixed. Toddler was more interested in the elephant sculpture nearby and the surrounding photos of elephants that detailed their move from Thailand to Taronga Zoo.

I kept saying “Look! Look at the elephant!” and he kept pointing to the photo or the sculpture. Then I’d say “No, there is the REAL baby elephant! He’s been on TV! LOOK AT HIM BEING CUTE, DAMMIT.”

Toddler was unimpressed.

WORST: Taking said toddler to have his chicken pox imunisation. That trusting look as he watched the needle go into his little fat leg and then……..

And on a serious note, the death of WA liver transplant patient Claire Murray. Regardless of what you think of the choices she made during her life (regarding drug use), she was a mother of two young kids. So sad.


To everyone in the MM community going through tough times, my thoughts and support go with you…..and Happy Easter. Drive safe. Xxxx

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