What were your BEST and WORST bits of the week?


Time for Mamamia’s most popular weekly post where you get to share and vent. Laugh and cry. There’s something quite cathartic about reflecting on the highest and lowest points of your week and sharing them anonymously with strangers.

Especially when the strangers become familiar people who cheer and commiserate and follow your progress. That’s how we roll around here, don’t you know it.

If you’re new to Mamamia or this post, remember that your ‘worsts’ don’t have to be tragic or serious. Trivial is totally fine.

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MY BEST: Dinner with two of my three best friends from high school. One is pregnant with IVF twins, due in a fortnight, the other has just moved to Melbourne to teach Buddhism. There is something about the people you went to school with that just cuts straight to the heart of who you are. Who you REALLY are, underneath all your grown-up clothes. I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants (note to self: do more Kegel exercises).

WORST: The front page of the Daily Telegraph yesterday was shocker. Here’s the story:

JAYMIE Elder’s heart melted “as soon as our eyes made contact” when a tiny fawn emerged from the shadows and, with an unsteady gait, ambled over to her, bleating for its mother.

Little Bambi had been orphaned, probably by amateur hunters who practise their sport legally in the Illawarra Escarpment Conservation Area. Ms Elder found the fawn on Monday after she got out of her car to inspect a map of the area’s Mount Pleasant walking tracks.

“I’m not somebody who is against hunting, my father and brother are hunters,” Ms Elder said yesterday as she nursed Bambi at Matilda’s Farmyard Nursery at Albion Park. “But there’s no way you should kill a mother and leave its baby.”

Female deer, by nature, will hide their young at the first sense of danger and act as decoys to lead the threat away. The humane decision to kill a baby animal is becoming more common as numbers of recreational hunters balloon. Licence numbers have increased 400 per cent since hunting was allowed in state forests in 2006 to help cull feral animals.

“In the past the majority of hunters have done the right thing but with all walks of life you get one idiot,” Mr Ambs said.


Ugh. What part of ‘the right thing’ involves killing defenceless animals for fun? What part of man-with-gun-vs-deer is sport?

Anyway. What were your best and worst?

Sending love and support to everyone in the MM community doing it tough right now…..hang in there.

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