5 fresh ideas for races outfits.


Spring racing season is here, so I thought it timely to put together a cheat sheet on race day dressing – but with a bit of a difference.

If you thought your races outfit was limited to a flouncy frock and a fascinator then strap on a seatbelt and get ready to have your world (safely) rocked my friends. Read on…

1. Little printed dress: Cute and confident – just like you. Remember it’s the races not a funeral and a bit of colour never hurt anyone, in fact the healing power of colour is well documented in journals and medical textbooks…. okay maybe not but colour and prints are fun y’all. The gorgeous printed dress in this pic (worn by Diana from Mamamia Shopping) is available here.

2. The shift dress: Instead of fidgeting with your dress all day, try something more comfortable and relax. This shift dress comes in at under $100 (hurrah for a bargain!) on Mamamia Shopping and you can get it here.

3. Bodycon:  You’re probably scoffing at the idea of wearing a dress this tight to an event full of delicious canapes (not the mentioned champagne). But wait, wait, wait and hear me out.

Fact: A quality, bodycon dress (with a bit of length to it) can do really great things for your curves especially if  your dress fits snugly and falls just above the knee. Try this one by Talulah– it’s $189.00.

4. Maxi: It’s not your typical races dress, but hey, spring came so quickly and I haven’t been to the gym in weeks. The appeal of the maxi dress is obvious – a bit more coverage, an easy feminine look, no risk of visible panty line (win!) – the list goes on.

The line between a ‘cocktail maxi’ and looking like you’re going to a ball is a thin one. So heed these words: less is more. Don’t go too over the top with accessories or a dress with lots of bits and pieces coming off it. Pair it with some wedges and make a black maxi much more suitable for day. You can shop this black maxi here.

5. Pants and top: To the races? If he were here with me, Obama would also tell you – Yes, you can.

Don’t go too casual – you can probably let your baggy denim jeans sit this one out, and we aren’t talking about an ‘80s style pant suit here, but a pair of straight leg trousers are totally fine for race day.

Dress yours up with heels and choose a top that’s just a little bit special. Anything with peplum or some fancy embroidery is pretty much awesome, like this one from Talulah. If you’re feeling brave then white on white looks fresh and formal (but you have to be careful around the red wine and stick to sensible light coloured, stainless foods – i.e. no beetroot). Add a sparkly clutch and a fascinator and you’re good to go.


What will you be wearing to the races this season?