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If your loved ones are struggling, don't give them flowers. Give them this.

Georgia Harley was leading a busy life as a successful TV producer when she received the phone call that shifted her perspective on what’s important in life.

When her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Georgia switched gears completely, quitting her high-profile job to care for and be with her family.

During that difficult period, Georgia and her family received hundreds of bunches of flowers, which anyone who has cared for someone going through a hard time will know – although well meaning – doesn’t help.

“When you’re terminally ill, being in a house full of flowers kind of feels a lot like being at a funeral so we really didn’t like it, as nice as people’s intentions were, it didn’t help at all,” Georgia told Mamamia.

"It's hard to know what to do or say, the right message to put on a card." - Georgia with her beautiful parents. (Image: Supplied)

"We received so many hampers full of short breads and preserves, all things Dad wasn't able to have - the thought was there and I could see people wanted to reach out and show they were thinking of us during this really difficult time, but most people didn't know how."

For Georgia, it was the little things that alleviated her dad's pain during his chemotherapy treatment.

"When you're going through chemo, you get a very dry mouth and dry skin so I'd give dad a lot of refreshing herbal teas and organic moisturisers, and give him a hand massage."

With this in mind, Georgia started her business, Caring Canary, providing thoughtful, practical gift packages to give people who need it the support and love they deserve.

Carefully curated to only include useful items designed to bring joy and comfort, Caring Canary creates packages to suit every circumstance on the spectrum - from corporate, baby shower and 'sorry you got your heart broken' gifts to chemotherapy packages and for those going through grief.


"It's hard to know what to do or say, or what they right gift is, the right message to put on a card," Georgia explained.

"I'd always done this for family and friends anyway, creating little care packages to celebrate a friend's job or if they got dumped, and I just thought that's exactly what our friends and family needed [during her dad's treatment], a gift service that was easy and convenient to use that wasn't a hamper full of stuff.

"We don’t remember every bunch of flowers we ever receive, but it’s those specially thought out, unique gifts that are ingrained with us forever. I know it’s not possible for someone to leave work to spend the day comforting their loved one. That's why we come to the rescue when your loved ones need it most."

To show a loved one who needs it you care, check out Georgia's full range of premium gifts and products on the Caring Canary website. You can also see her gorgeous packages over on Instagram and Facebook.

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