Explainer: What is perimenopause and are you in it?

Are you having trouble getting pregnant? Do you ever wake up at 3am, feeling agitated? Do you ever feel bone tired? Do you develop a third breast over the day?

Have your periods got longer? Shorter? More intense? Or lighter?

You are not alone.  While we all know about menopause, perimenopause is just as significant, lasts much longer and can have a huge impact on our life.

It’s the topic of Debrief Daily’s podcast ‘Just Between Us’. We’ll explain how you’ll know if you’re in it and what you can do about it.

But a warning – this podcast contains a singing ovary, fallopian tubes and clitoris. Their song is so catchy you might find yourself singing it at work and in the train, and that’s not really that appropriate.  Oh and another warning – it also has a whine about wine and while that’s rarely forgivable, you will understand why when you finish.

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And here’s the singing clitoris just because with somethings in life if you don’t cry, you just have to laugh.

Sing it sisters.

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