Anne Geddes' new baby photos are as beautiful as they are surprising.

Meningococcal is a sudden and severe disease, which can cause meningitis (an infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord) and septicaemia (an infection in the bloodstream).

In many cases, children who develop meningococcal can lose limbs. In some cases, meningococcal can lead to death.

Iconic photographer Anne Geddes has joined with Meningococcal Australia, to create a photo shoot that highlights prevention of this disease – through a series of photographs of survivors.

This delicate, pastel photographs draw attention to how strong the subjects of the photos must be.

Mamamia has written about Danielle, the young woman in the first photograph, before. She was just 14 months old when her mother found her awake in the middle of the night, vomiting and with a high temperature. Now, Danielle holds an Australian record in 50 metre, and is training to complete as a dressage rider in the 2016 Rio Paralympics. You can read more about her story here.

As of March, there are vaccines available to protect against all major strains of meningococcal disease. Parents should speak with their children’s doctor.

Meningococcal Australia – Protecting our Tomorrows: Danielle (Aust) from Meningococcal Australia on Vimeo.

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