Kayla Itsines shares her day on a plate. Not a trendy superfood in sight.

In theory, ‘My Day on a Plate‘ articles should be perfectly innocuous: somebody famous writes down exactly what they eat in a day to give the public a little insight into their routine. End of story.

However, history has taught us these food diaries are ripe for public mockery — because as it turns out, celebrities eat some pretty wacky things.

Remember when chef Pete Evans revealed his affinity for ‘cultured vegetables’ and those infamous activated almonds? Or when Therese Kerr shared that she enjoys a glass of “reverse osmosis (alkalised, mineralised) water with magnesium powder, vitamin C powder, sinc and selenium liquid”?

Oh, how the internet scoffed.

Not all ‘days on a plate’ are this eyebrow-raising, though. Kayla Itsines posted hers on Facebook yesterday, and it’s refreshingly devoid of ‘trendy’ superfoods.

“These days there are so many fad diets and quick cleanses being promoted, so I have decided to share with you what my diet looks like on any given day,” the Adelaide personal trainer, whose Bikini Body Guide has become an international sensation, explained to her followers.

So what might you find a super-fit person eating on a typical day? Let’s do a walk-through.


Itsines’ brekky of choice is something that wouldn’t look out of place on your local cafe menu: a poached egg with avocado and tomato on rye toast. So far, so delicious.

Lunch is a “Yiros style” wrap, a nod to her Greek heritage. It sounds simple to prepare, too; Itsines fills a wholemeal wrap with turkey, tomato, red onion, lettuce and homemade tzatziki.

Watch: Planning your own day on a plate? Why not try this glazed eggplant recipe. (Post continues after video.)

For dinner, it’s salmon with an orange, beetroot and fennel salad — the recipe for which can be found on her blog.

That’s all well and good, but show me the snacks,’ you might be thinking right now. Well, Itsines’ snack game is equally on point.

In the morning, she blends up a “strawberries and cream” smoothie, comprising strawberries, low-fat yoghurt and milk, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder.

When the 3pm munchies strike, she deploys her soldiers — celery and carrot soldiers with minted yoghurt, more specifically. (Post continues after gallery.)

Itsines highlights that she doesn’t exclude any food groups from her diet, and that she doesn’t restrict herself to the same meals every day.

“Sometimes I will eat oats instead of eggs for breakfast, and replace the wrap for a rice or quinoa salad at lunch time. Regardless of what meals I eat, I always try to use the freshest and minimally processed ingredients as possible,” she explains.

“As you can see, it is super easy and inexpensive to eat ‘healthy’. There are no fancy superfoods or outrageous ingredients that you need to spend a fortune on. Simple food, put together to taste delicious.”

You can’t get better than that.

What does your ‘day on a plate’ look like?