What do you call those things you swim in?

What do we call the things you swim in?

Help me with this one. Those things you wear in the water? I don’t know what to call them.

I say bathers. When I was in Melbourne this was all fine and I was normal, but now I’m in Sydney and people are looking at me like I’ve got green things stuck in my teeth.

“You bathe in the bath, you don’t bathe in a pool” my cousin told me last night. Fair point there.

It seems the biggest divide between the states and territories of Australia isn’t population, access to health care or the cost of airport parking. No. It’s actually what you call your beach attire.

Most commonly used is bathers, swimmers, cozzies and togs. Then we’ve also got swimming costumes, swimwear and swimsuits for anyone aspiring for Miss Universe pageants. And let’s not forget your classic one-piece, bikinis, speedos or boardies.

Anymore I’m missing? Budgie smugglers anyone?

What do you call the things you swim in?

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