What are you thankful for right now?

After it’s debut on Mamamia last month, this has quickly become one of the most popular posts I do and one I find myself thinking about all week.

It’s inspired by the delightful ThxThxThx blog, “a daily exercise in gratitude” where US creative director Leah Dietrich writes a daily thank-you note to something in her life.

Here are a couple of examples from this week:

OK. My turn:

Dear Nits,

Thank you for coming into our house. Sitting with my kids and going through their hair painstakingly every night was annoying at first but I quickly came to appreciate the quiet time to just be with them and have a chat. And the actual process of hunting down you and all your eggs ended up being tremendously satisfying. Who knew?

M x

Who or what do you want to write a thank you note to?

Remember, this is not about sarcasm, whining or moaning. It’s about finding genuine delight and gratitude in all sorts of things…….

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