This is what's really in a McDonald's chicken nugget.

There’s a pretty disgusting picture that’s been doing the rounds on the Internet, pretty much ever since Google image search was invented.

It has been sold as ‘what’s really inside McDonald’s chicken nuggets’. Which is a pretty repulsive thought.

But, the fine people at the Golden Arches are sick of their interestingly shaped chicken segments’ reputation being tarnished. And they have decided to set the record straight, with this informational video produced by McDonald’s Canada for the Superbowl.

In sum, nuggets are deep fried ground chicken breast. They’re not a health food, sure, but at least they’re not made of pink sludge.

As an aside, let’s talk about what was objectively the best part of that video: So many women in managerial positions! Yeah, women of McDonald’s Canada!

Well, there you go. You need never ask ‘What are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made of?’ ever again.

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