The 5 wackiest 'beauty' products your face never knew it needed.


If you’re an Ally McBeal fan you’ll know this contraption isn’t new.

Elaine, played by Jane Krakowski, invented the “Miracle Face Bra” in season two of the dramedy and now a Japanese gadget store is selling a version for the bargain price of $40.

It was a contraption that you put on you head to lift you face, kind of like a bra lifts your boobs.

According to the blurb on the website the Hourei Lift Bra is “your ticket to combating the signs of ageing”.

It’s basically the stuff dreams are made of:


If your nasolabial folds (or laugh lines) are getting you down you can now slip on a face bra, it’s “silicone rubber curves” will feel comfortable on your skin while the “wire” design works it’s magic.

See? Nothing says comfort like “silicone rubber curves” and “wire”.hourei-lift-bra-2


The makers also suggest doing mouth exercises while wearing the frame (shown below), presumably so you can look as ridiculous (and gullible) as possible.


The Face Wrap

If the Face Bra isn’t for you, perhaps we could interest you in The Face Wrap? A mummified version of the face bra -just like the one Elaine pedalled in infomercials on Ally McBeal – it’s a non-surgical way to “skin and sculpts the face.”


“Women want to age gracefully, and most consider surgery as a very last resort,” says entrepreneur Vicki Southard, creator of the Face Bra. “I was never a fan of cosmetic surgery, so I decided to create a non-invasive system to lift the face and tighten the complexion – a simple procedure that didn’t require a visit to a surgeon’s office.”

As crazy as the Face Bra sounds, it’s nowhere near the wackiest ‘beauty’ gadget the Japan Trend Store is selling.

Behold the Inverted Nipple Suction Dream Charm Adjuster:


The terrifying Facewear Exercise Mask:



Oh wait, seems like we should’ve waited to use that qualifier for this one (The Beauty Lift High Nose/Electric nose lift):


Finally, what would a beauty cupboard be without the Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece?


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Would you ever use one of these contraptions? What if Gwyneth Paltrow recommended it?

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