It's time to walk together.

We need to show the rest of Australia, our leaders and our families that we’re all in this together.

It doesn’t matter where we come from, or how we got here, just that we’re in Australia and we all call this wonderful country home. So let’s show people just that. Let’s hit the streets in large numbers and really show people.

That’s where the Welcome to Australia: Walk Together comes into this.

Organisers said:

“‘Walk Together’ is an opportunity for all Australians to join together in celebration of our diversity and in recognition that for the sake of our future we need to learn to ‘walk together’. The walks will be an opportunity for all people living in the Australian community – Aboriginal Australians, refugees, migrants, international students, long term Australians – to symbolically demonstrate our multicultural reality and call for an end to the politics of fear, division and prejudice.”

You can get together in your city at 1pm on June 23 (the walk is being held in nine across the country and you can find them here) and get some exercise while exercising your desire for a more welcoming Australia.

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Will you be walking?

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