Weekend Watercooler: Come have a chat.

Welcome to your Monday watercooler catch up. We want to know how your weekend was – what you watched, what you did, what you thought… everything. So spill.

Not everyone has a workplace or a community with whom they can gather and debrief about their weekend and even if you do, we bet they’re not quite as much fun as we are here.

Here are some of the things that caught our attention over the weekend:

Psy, rocking it Gangnam style

Everyone is getting their groove on ‘Gangnam Style’.

Korean rapper Psy’s video has been going viral fast (If you haven’t watched it yet think of the ridiculousness levels of the YMCA, mixed with the popularity of the Macarena – or you can just watch it here). This week has seen several big names in Hollywood have taken the ‘Gangnam Style’ on and are making it their own (funny little ‘throw the whip around your head’ moments for everyone!).

And truth be told, the more parodies and hilarious versions we’ve watched – the more its cheesiness has grown on us. The whole team has been dancing around the office busting out the crazy ‘invisible horse dance’.

There are so many reasons to love Ellen DeGeneres. But last week she  “introduced” us to the best Gangnam Style dancing ever. What makes it so special? Maybe it’s the fact that they are so serious, maybe that they dance SO WELL, but it’s probably because they are mother and son. Seriously could they be any cooler? Watch it here and let us know what you think here.

Emmy’s speculation is rising fast.

What they wore. Last year’s Emmys.

American television’s night of nights for sparkly frocks and enormous hair is here again. We’re placing bets on who will take home what prize and which actress will keep Mia happy by wearing the most fluoro. Antiques Roadshow is also nominated for best reality television program and we think that’s a little bit ace and will be cheering them to victory from afar.


We’re also excited to see Girls nominated for best comedy series (if you haven’t yet watched this awesome new American TV show then go and get your download on – fast). Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and Mad Men are all vying for the best drama series title, so we’re thrilled not to be in the red swivel judging chair for that one.

Keep up to date with our rolling Emmy’s coverage here.

It finally got hot.

Intern Alicia, getting into the Spring Racing spirit.

Oh yes, we have finally hit that frosty-fruit-licking time of year when the weather decides to put on a decent show. Did you hit the beach this weekend? Or make the most of the sunshine at the park? Here in Sydney it kind of felt like the entire city woke up and headed to the water. And while that made finding a car park within a 50km radius of the waves a little like entering the Powerball jackpot – it was worth if for those who made the trek

With Spring finally kicking off, it’s also time for the fluffy feel-good-ness of racing. Whether you’re in it for the day out with the ladies, for the endless supplies of bubbly or you know, the horses, it’s the one time of the year when you can proudly wear the most extravagant bundle of feathers/flowers/glitter on your head – so much so that it may very well resemble a birdcage – and nobody thinks you’ve gone nuts. (If your birdcage has gotten lost in the mail, you can find an alternative here or here)

So what caught your attention this weekend? The good? The bad? The ugly? From pop culture to personal, funny things your kids said, new clothes you bought or delicious things you ate or cooked…..speak up.