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Save your dignity and $3250. Do NOT do this at your wedding.

Over $3000 for a social media wedding coordinator? Please no…

I’m planning a wedding. And you know what’s right at the top of my list of wedding worries, right above writing my vows?

Working out how to live-tweet the event using a personalised wedding hashtag, of course. (Insert heavy, heavy sarcasm.)

Seriously, though: apparently there’s a new wedding trend where you pay someone a vast sum to coordinate your #weddingsocialmedia.

And the service, which costs the equivalent of $3250, is officially titled “the social media wedding concierge.” (Pass that extra retro lollybag, I think I’m about to be sick.)

W Hotels in New York, which offers the service, describes it as follows…

From live tweets and #hashtags to Vine videos and Instagram filters, W’s Social Media Wedding Concierge will document the “I Dos” and encourage guests to utilize a dedicated wedding hashtag for every one of their posts.

The concierge service even involves curating ‘registry wish lists’ and dream honeymoon Pinterest boards, as well as social media coverage of pre-wedding events like the engagement, cake tasting, and dress-finding process.

Right then.

Predictably enough, the service has inspired total hilarity on the Interwebs, with critics taking to Twitter to poke fun at the service.

But despite the internet unanimously deciding this wedding trend is the craziest since “live-streaming” vows and crowdsourcing wedding photos, W Hotels is apparently unfazed.

The hotel chain’s global social media strategist Alyssa Kiefer said in an interview with Fast Company today that she’s not too bothered by online criticism directed at the service.

“To some, this may seem a bit over the top and we’re okay with that,” she said.

“We’re sure couples balked at the idea of traditional wedding planners years ago and now you wouldn’t think of planning a wedding without one.”

Updating your status at the altar: another wedding trend that needs to not exist.

Ms Kiefer added that the service was inspired by behaviour guests have already exhibited, such as updating their Facebook statuses at the altar.

(Hang on. Has anyone in the history of ever, actually DONE that? But anyway…)

Ms Kiefer also said that wedding social media concierge might be the perfect way to share your day with distant rellies.

“Perhaps a relative can’t make it from another country or you just want a modern-day ‘scrapbook” of sorts,” she added.

Hm, a modern-day scrapbook.

A very, very #OverpricedAndKindOfMental scrapbook…

Have you been to a wedding with a #hashtag? Would you have one for your own wedding? Why/why not?