5 easy wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair who want something a bit special.

Let’s face it. Some days, short hair just isn’t as exciting as long hair.

Your wedding day, though, doesn’t have to be one of them.

Aside from the fact shorter hair is bang on-trend in 2018 (thanks Jenna Dewan and Cate Blanchett), hair stylists are doing more incredible things with short hair for brides than ever.

Just search the hashtag #shortbridalhair if you need proof.

One person who knows short hair does not have to be boring is the proud owner of a very short bob, Amy Creten. Oh, she’s a bloody good hairstylist too.

To give you some short bridal hair inspiration, we asked Amy to share her favourite modern bridal looks for brides with short hair, and exactly how to do them.

P.S. Bookmark these and take them to your hair trial.

1.  All the braids

Braids might just be the most versatile wedding hairstyle, well... ever.

Amy's favourite braided style for brides with short hair is the fishtail braid.

"Fishtail braiding is similar to normal braiding, but to create a fishtail, you only need two sections of hair instead of three like a traditional braid or plait," she told Mamamia.

"To achieve this look, take one small piece of hair from the outside of your section of hair and cross it over to the other side of the section, then repeat until you reach the end of the braid. Always remember, keep your pieces of hair small to create that delicate fishtail effect."

Once you have your braid (or braids), you can style them to one side, in the middle by pinning the ends together, wrapped around like a headband or with small clips or delicate head pieces. You can also create the same styles with a traditional braid.

Pro tip: "Fishtail braids always look better when pulled out with lots of texture, rather than tight and neat."

2. The inverted ponytail

Think of this as the updated, special occasion version of the loose pony you throw your hair up into most days.

Amy said this style is super easy to create because the point is for it to look piecey and organic.

"After waving the hair, pull it all back into a loose ponytail, making sure to leave a few waved bits down around the face. Then, slightly pull your ponytail out by tugging on the hair tie, and create a gap above the base of your ponytail," Amy explained.

"Thread the hair from the ponytail through that gap. Once through, pull everything out so it looks textured."

Pro tip: "Add a headscarf or dainty headband for extra detail. This style also works well with a veil pinned above the hair tie."

3. Side part with pins

If you want to wear your hair down, but not in the same way you wear it everyday, try a side part with pins.

"Short hair is quick and easy to wave - start waving your hair in all different directions with a centre part, then flip on one side to create texture. Go as deep with your side part as your face shape (or cowlicks) will allow," Amy said.

"Secure with hairspray and volume spray, then tuck your hair on one side behind your ear and secure bobby pins or a statement clip to show off your cheekbones."

Pro tip: "I always focus on the top layers rather than the underneath of the hair as you want to keep the bob looking modern and not too styled. Nobody wants those old-school bridesmaid curls we all dread walking out with!"

4. Zig-zag waves

Amy's signature zig zag waves are another way to wear your hair down with added interest.

Rather than twisting your GHD like you would when creating barrel curls or beach waves, you can bend your straightener in a zig zag motion (see Amy's tutorial below, video via Instagram).

Pro tip: "Don’t take sections that are too big as you want your hair to glide through the straightener easily. If there’s too much hair, the heat won’t distribute through evenly. Add some texture beach spray too, rough it up with your hands and run your fingers through to mess the style up a bit."

5. Half-up style with a twist

The half-up-half-down style is a pretty stock standard bridal look. But in 2018, there are so many ways to make the traditional style your own.

Depending on the theme of your wedding or your own personal style, you can include clips or floral pieces, or keep it chic and minimalist by simply twisting over a section of hair as seen above.

Pro tip: "You'll need all of the bobby pins. Chose a colour closest to your natural hair colour and pin smaller pieces of hair to use the pins discretely."

What's your favourite short hair bridal look? Which style would you chose for your wedding day?

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