The latest wedding photo trend is so moving

Forget about bridal party ‘jumping’ shots. The next big wedding photo trend is here, and we reckon it’s a game-changer.

Jeffrey Lewis Bennett isn’t your average wedding photographer. The owner of Michigan-based company JLB Wedding produces moving photos for his clients.

And by ‘moving’, we don’t mean they’ll bring a tear to your eye. They actually move.

Bennett's wedding GIFs - shorthand for image formats that move as animations - bring to life the special moments of the big day in a way regular photographs can't.

"The way that wedding GIFs work, they look more like a photograph that happens to be telling a story inside of it," the former graphic designer explains in a feature on The Huffington Post.

Each GIF is comprised of several images of the bride and groom taken in quick succession, which are then digitally manipulated to form a short, silent, looping clip that's ideal for sharing with friends and family online. Dare we suggest that, just perhaps, this is a better use for the GIF than the ever-popular animated cat photo?

Whether they capture a soft breeze tousling the bride's gown, or a tender moment of eye contact during the bridal dance, Bennett's digital creations are utterly mesmirising.


Check out more gorgeous wedding GIFs on Huffington Post and see more of Bennett's work by visiting his website.

What's your favourite wedding photo trend? Would you try the wedding GIF?