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WATCH: The wedding bouquet throw fail. Try not to laugh too much.

There’s always one.

One person at the wedding who absolutely has to catch that bridal bouquet. One person who, despite knowing perfectly well that it will not solve all her single-lady woes, is still determined to get that hot little bunch of flowers in her hand and wave it around for the world to see.

In most cases, it usually all ends okay. Nobody’s teeth get knocked out and only a few ladies cop elbows to the face.

But every so often… someone just has to take their enthusiasm to the absolute next level. And the magic of technology in 2013 means that this stuff is generally captured forevermore.

For your viewing pleasure (or pain), please refer to Exhibit A: the bouquet throw fail to beat all fails.

We particularly like how whoever put together the video was mean enough to slow down the fall and then replay it several times over. But hey, a viral hit is a viral hit, right?

To everyone attending weddings over the summer: may your days be happy and may no garden beds get in your way…

Have you ever seen a bouquet throw fail?