Forget ice blocks - THIS is how kids in China are keeping cool

Blisteringly hot summer days can be torturous, especially for the little ones.

Everyone knows a wedge of watermelon served straight out of the fridge is the ultimate way to fend off the heat - but parents in China have reportedly taken the fruit's refreshing powers one step further this summer...

Yes. That image you see above is of a child in a custom-made watermelon suit.

Could this be the solution to keeping the kids cool when December rolls around?

According to Chinese news agency Xinhua, the fruity trend started in July when a photo of a kid walking down the street in a pair of bespoke watermelon overalls (pictured right) went viral on Chinese social media site Sina Weibo.

Inspired by the cuteness of it all, other parents around the country have developed their own variations.

The results so far have included everything from watermelon superhero costumes and armour to bikinis and hula outfits. Makes you lament all the watermelon carcasses you've discarded over the years, doesn't it? Just think of all that lost potential...

However, before you rush out to buy a melon and a carving knife, keep in mind there is a downside to this delicious trend.

According to Kotaku, dermatologists have warned that wearing a watermelon rind, no matter how stylish, can irritate young skin after long periods.

The moistness of the fruit can also promote bacteria growth and subsequent infections.

So, now we've got that important health warning out of the way, the question remains:

Will you be fashioning watermelon outfits for your kid this summer? If not - what's the most creative outfit you've put together for your kid?

Photos from Sina Weibo