This guy told Matthew Perry his drug addiction was a 'choice'. What happens next is all kinds of awesome.

Addiction. It’s something will touch most of us at some point in our lives, be it personally or through someone we know or love. It’s an awful disease that so many people struggle to overcome, but after years of research and study we’ve at least come to understand it better.

So why are there people who insist on calling addiction a ‘choice’ rather than a disease?

In a recent appearance on the British show ‘Newsnight’, former ‘Friends’ star Mathew Perry went head to head with journalist Peter Hitchens over this issue. Hitchens, who is an anti-drug campaigner and is about to release a book on the subject, described addiction as a ‘fantasy’.

However, former addict Perry, who checked himself into rehab twice while playing Chandler Bing on Friends, spoke openly of his struggles and wouldn’t have a bar of it, telling Hitchens: “You’re making a point as ludicrous as saying Peter Pan was real”.

Nailed it, Matthew Perry. Nailed it.