You're a terrible person if you laugh at this (but we all did)

Before you scroll down, we can assure you that these little boys were okay after a kiss and a hug from mum.

Now that we have that out of the way, this is hilarious.

This kid is quietly enjoying his beans on toast until he hears the ice cream truck jingle. We all did it when we were younger (and some of us still do it even as adults). It is pre-conditioned. The minute you hear the ice cream truck jingle, you drop whatever you are doing and run. You run like your life (or happiness of eating ice cream) depends on it.

So watching this little kid’s reaction when he hears the magical jingle that turns us into Kenyan athletes, is hilarous. Even if we feel awful that he hurts himself. Knowing he is okay at the end, makes it okay for as to laugh.

So go ahead, watch.

How do your kids react when they hear the magical jingle?

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