Does this Instagram parody video make you laugh or wince (in recognition)?


I came late to the Instagram party. Like every form of social media since MySpace, I greeted its proliferation with profound weariness. REALLY? Do I have to learn ANOTHER THING? But like the FOMO *sheep I am, I got there in the end and now? Damn, can I work a filter. My preferred filter is Lo-Fi but I’m quite partial to Rise.

[* FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out]

So check it:

Entertainment Weekly reports:


CollegeHumor’s parody video of Nickelback’s “Photograph,” called “Look at This Instagram,” pokes fun at the commonplace and predictable filter treatments “photographers” use to transform food, finger nails, feet, fireworks, and other f words into art.

“Started out as a lemon tart, then my phone went and made it art,” bellows the singer in his best Chad Kroeger voice.”

There is so much I love about this video that I am even prepared to overlook the use of a Nickelback song. THAT much.

Someone who I’m sure could relate is Miranda Kerr – who is a big Instagrammer and uses it along with her photogenic gifts to share one helluva Insti stream (note: ‘to Insti’ is now a verb. I’m sorry but it is. Don’t blame me I’m just the messenger). Take a look:

Are you big into Instagram? Come on, did you see yourself a little bit in that video? Wait, are you photographing YOUR SHOES RIGHT NOW….?


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