WATCH: Aussie celebs re-enact their favourite movie lines.

What’s your favourite movie line? 

That’s exactly what we asked Aussie celebs this week. And, well, their answers were equally surprising and entertaining.

Who knew Lincoln Lewis could do such an impressive Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, for example?

Of course, Bindi Irwin‘s response was delightful (when is she ever not delightful?) and Manu Feildel has us weak at the knees as soon as the delightful octaves of his accent filled the air. Mind you, the Frenchman could talk about stale bread and we’d be all ears.

Though none surpassed Kerri-Anne Kennerley who, if you ask us, is nothing short of a national treasure. The lady can just do no wrong.

What’s your favourite movie line of all time?