Wardrobe Week. Show us what you're wearing.

It’s fashion. But it’s your fashion.

Try this. It’s Mamamia’s Wardrobe Week and it’s a post that’s all about our readers and what you’re wearing. We debuted this post a few weeks ago and the response from commenters, contributors and people keen to have their wardrobe featured has been awesome.

What we love about this post is that it give us a chance to show real people and what they’re wearing – be it to work, to uni, out for coffee or just hanging out at home. We’re loving all the pics being sent in and we’re keen for more – so get snapping!

But in the meantime, let’s check out this week’s gallery.

In today’s gallery we have:

Mel Martin

Melissa Martin: Mel is a full-time Mum and part-time nanny. She blogs here and is a contributor to online community Connect2Mums.

How would you describe your style? Simple, Practical, comfortable and affordable. I like to wear dresses and skirts so I tend to layer in winter. I also love to wear hats all year round.

Where do you get your inspiration? My Mum. Even though she is not going out to work each day, my mum always looks good. She wears things to suit her age and shape and I try to do the same.

Natalie Tucker

Natalie Tucker: Natalie has a background in interior design and over 22 years experience in the fashion retail industry along with an International Accreditation as a Personal Stylist. Check out her website here, follow her on Facebook here, and check out here tweets here.

How would you describe your style? My style is ‘whatever I think that my clients may like to see on any given day’, I strive to inspire daily.
Where do you get your inspiration? I get my inspiration from interior design websites and architecture.

Carly Jacobs

Carly Jacobs: Carly is a fashion and lifestyle writer. She writes a blog at and tweets here. You can follow here on Facebook here and on instagram @smaggle.

How would you describe your style? My style is very monochrome. I pretty much only wear black, white, cream, grey, blush, nude and prints in natural colours. I never wear pants, I’m always wearing some kind of accessory and you’ll rarely catch me in primary brights.  I love lipstick, headscarves and bangles. I’m also addicted to shapewear because I loathe the dreaded VPL.

Where do you get your inspiration? My inspiration comes from women like Catherine Baba, Diana Vreeland and Daphne Guinness. Unexpected opulence and glamour, giant accessories and bold shapes. Although I refuse to be uncomfortable. I won’t wear heels if it’s impractical and there’s always a pile of bangles next to my laptop because they drive me mental when I’m trying to write.

Also in the gallery are our previous Wardrobe Week participants. You can find out more about Meaghan Smith, Carly Findlay and Kate O’Bree here, and information on Louise Bell, Danielle Melnyczenko and Georgina Craig here.

If you want to be a part of Wardrobe Week send an email to [email protected] with some shots of your daily outfits and a description of what you’re wearing. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be fancy – trackies and ugg boots are encouraged – just make sure all shots are taken with a uniform background.

For more info, check out this post.