Wardrobe week - what are you wearing?


I love looking at clothes in magazines and online. Flicking through the pages and clicking through the galleries of amazing outfits, swooning over what I wished I could own.

Big problem being: Wish. Because those crucial coloured bills that help make a fashion crush a wardrobe reality are less plentiful than I’d like. When it comes to fashion, my eyes are definitely bigger than my wallet.

And that’s the experience of most women I know. When we look at photos of fashionable celebrities, the cost of what they’re wearing is usually, ah, well, outside most of our salary brackets.

This is a place to come and see real women and their real wardrobes. Some of the stuff they’re wearing is high end, some is from chain stores, some is from markets, some is from op shops – hell some is sneakily stolen from a sister’s wardrobe.

Mamamia’s wardrobe week is about showcasing fashion in everyday life – how you (and we) have fun with fashion, mixing high and low, new and old, bright and dark… On the weekend, at the office, dropping the kids to school or just out-and-about.

From the photos you have sent in this week, there are a few consistent themes. Coloured jeans (from neon pink to mint green), florals and sequins seem to be what you are wearing. And my, how we love a bit of sparkle.

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We love all the pics being sent through but we are greedy and we want MORE. Remember this post starts with YOU, so get snapping!

Send one, two… or even ten photos of your favourite outfits of the week with details of where you bought it to [email protected] and be featured in next week’s gallery.