8 items of clothing you should definitely chuck out. Stat.

Wardrobe clean outs are hard.

For some reason it’s REALLY hard to get rid of the awful stuff you never ever wear, let alone leave the house in.

From the gross oversized t-shirt that aren’t even gym-worthy to the white/skinny jeans you might one day fit into, these are the eight clothing items you should ditch (or donate) STAT.

1. The Rock Eisteddfod costume you wore when you were 15.

You are still living the dream that The Sydney Dance Company will one day call you. But no dice kiddo. Time to move on.

2. The designer thing you bought online that doesn’t fit (but it cost $150 so you don’t want to chuck it).

3. The white jeans that have never fitted and now haunt you.

Just. Let. Go.

4. The gross undies.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

5. The thing that is broken that you could maybe fix but totally won’t.

It’s NOT going to happen.

6. The boots that you can’t get on.

Not. Worth. It.

7. The outrageously fashun-y item you bought thinking you’d build up the courage to wear it eventually but never did.

8. The shoes you can’t walk in.

Sure, they’re really pretty but are they worth the ankle injuries/ physio rehabilitation sessions? Probably not.

 What terrible clothes are lurking in the back of your wardrobe?

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