The hidden beauty in crumbling walls and plants pushing up through the footpath.

Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. It’s our corner of the internet where we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit out of their vagina. (Kidding. Maybe.)

The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, or captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out a little bit more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here.

This week Mamamia is featuring Claire Primrose, an artist based in NSW, who expresses herself both through painting and drawing. At first, her drawings and painting might seem to be quite different, but they both share a common link: Primrose draws inspiration from the landscape.

“I am a constant observer and find inspiration from all kinds of unlikely sites, including skate parks, footpaths and other urban spaces,” Primrose says. She is particularly inspired by urban spaces that have been weathered, and she recreates this effect in her work through as her patinas are marked by time and are browned, weathered, stained, scratched back, scuffed and repaired.

To find out more, you can visit Claire Primrose’s website here.

Do you know an artist (or are YOU an artist) who creates beautiful or thought-provoking work, and whom you think should be featured on Mamamia’s Voulez-Vous Project? Send an email to [email protected]  

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