The luxury supermarket skincare line that'll give you change from a $10 note. Yes, really.

Thanks to our brand partner, Voeu

There’s something about special occasions that mean no matter how early you mark them in your calendar, they always creep up on you. Always.

Dentist appointments. Birthdays (both others and your own). Anniversaries. Mother’s Day. Especially Mother’s Day.

Despite all my best intentions, every year I find myself the day or two before desperately trying to find a gift or a treat worthy of showing my mum how much I love and appreciate her.

This year, I think I’ve found it well ahead of time – and in the most unlikely of places. My local Woolies.

Hear me out.

"Woolies has a brand-spanking new skincare range called Voeu." Image: iStock.

You see, the same place where you buy fresh veg and toilet rolls has a brand-spanking new skincare range called Voeu (pronounced 'voo'). French for "a wish", it's a promise your skin - and your wallet - will love.

With purple, gold and silver packaging it looks fancy. It sounds fancy and yes, it feels fancy on the skin but the price tag is anything but.

Seriously - we're talking a whole range of products (including day AND night creams and micellar waters) priced at no more than $8.00. (Yes, you read that right.)

Luxury skincare for those without a luxury budget. Image: Mamamia.

Lately my mum has been asking me lots of questions about establishing a regimen to really look after her skin. She wants something easy to follow, quick to show results and that doesn't cost her an arm, a leg and her first born (that's me!).

Enter Voeu, the little bit of luxury hiding in the cosmetics aisle.

The premium quality products are scientifically designed, dermatologically tested and cater to everyone, including targeted anti-ageing products with ingredients you've probably never seen at that price range.

The Age Protect collection includes an Eye Serum, a Day Cream and a Night Cream - and all will leave you with change from a $10 note.

Designed to leave skin feeling nourished, hydrated and soothed while helping to slow down the ageing process, it's designed for women aged 25 to 55, meaning it's one mum and I can both use and share.

"Leaves your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and soothes." Image: Supplied.

The eye serum is packed with Vitamin B3 and adenosine which provide anti-ageing properties for fresher looking skin, while botanical extract allantoin reduces irritation by calming the skin. The rollerball applicator makes it super easy to apply and prevents you from wasting product too.

The Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream also includes allantoin plus gardenia extract, which contains antioxidants that help to maintain the skin's elasticity.


The Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream works hard while you sleep to act on the three main signs of ageing, with Vitamin E to moisturise, shea butter extract to protect skin from UV and sodium hyaluronate and trehalose to beat dry and dehydrated skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The price point may be low, but these don't give budget results.

Forget thick and gluggy creams - the formulas are fast-absorbing, feel hydrating and cool on the skin and leave your face (and neck!) looking radiant and healthy.

Helping your skin look and feel healthy and radiant. Image: Supplied.

I really had to remind myself that these didn't cost the price of a large tub of caviar - or any other luxury food item that I unfortunately don't eat on the regular...or ever.

The other fact that makes Voeu stand apart from the rest and a perfect gift for your mum (or your friend... or yourself)? It does the complicated stuff for you.

The range has been carefully compiled and streamlined to form a complete skincare regimen that's quick, effective and easy to follow, giving you more time to dedicate to the important stuff in your day. Simply apply the day cream in the morning after cleansing by massaging gently into the skin, then do the same with the night cream before you get into bed.

And to make Mother's Day even more special? We'll be having a serious pamper day to put them to the test.

Not tested on animals, the range was created to offer everyday, quality skincare for all ages at an affordable price. Add to that the fact that you can pick them up at the same time as your weekly grocery shop? Luxury doesn't come much more conveniently.

How do you take care of your skin?

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Voeu.