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Things all “third wheels” have experienced, demonstrated by Prince Harry

Who would have thought that Prince Harry would also be Prince of the Third Wheeling Meme? Certainly not us. But alas, here we are.

If you’ve ever been a third wheel, you’ll be familiar with every situation in the video above. From having to walk behind a couple on a narrow sidewalk to awkward three-way touches, we’ve all been there.

Don’t get us wrong — of course you’re going to be happy when your best mate finds a mate of their own. And when you enjoy his or her company too, you don’t mind hanging out as a mini gang.

If you’re ever on the couple side of one of these mini-gangs, here are a three things all perpetual third wheels would like you to know:

1. Your “sneaky” kisses aren’t sneaky. At all.

You think you’re so sly, huh? Maybe it’s the sly side-pash in the cinema when we’re sitting right next to you. Maybe it’s the opportunistic peck when we’ve stopped to tie up our laces. Whatever your trick happens to be, you’re not getting away with it.

2. Do you really have to do everything together?

Certainly, life is grand when you find ‘your person’. But as your friend, we remember life before you met that person, and we know you functioned perfectly well on your own.

So why does your love friend have to come to every single coffee date with us? Do they carry life-saving medication? Do you share vital organs now? As much as we might like them, we don’t always want to discuss our most recent pap smear without your partner listening in.


3. We feel awkward when you argue in front of us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re yelling at one another in the street or slinging passive-aggressive barbs across your smashed avo at brunch — we didn’t sign up to bear witness to your romantic bugbears.

And stop trying to make us take sides (although, just quietly, we totally agree that Tom should take the bins out without you having to ask him five times.)

If you found those things helpful, you’re in luck because we’ve got 7 more things we’d like you to know in this handy little list.

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