Shopping with kids: Expectation versus reality.

Thanks to our brand partner, BIG W

You’ve got your shopping list on your phone. You’ve allocated a set amount of time. You know what you want. You’ve got this.

UH, except that four-year-old tugging your trackies has other plans. Like sticking their sticky hands on the clothes rack. Or wreaking havoc on the toy section (it’s all a game, right?). And then there’s the not-so-subtle trolley filler kid who hopes (in vain) that mum will totally be OK with 10 more unicorn/pineapple/flamingo pool inflatables.

Yep, expect the unexpected when you’re shopping with kids. We know how you feel, so we made Shopping with Kids: Expectation v Reality for you to watch above!

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This video was made in partnership with BIG W.

At BIG W we get that a trip to the shops with kids isn’t always what you might expect it to be. But…shopping for kids can be just what you’d expect and more. With the BIG W Baby Sale until February 14th, you can expect a mix of hot offers and everyday low prices across our range of baby & kids clothing, toys and accessories.

A shopping experience guaranteed to please, now that’s a BIG WIN!

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